Don’t Bury It!

This Advent season at PCC, we’ve decided to do something a little different than we’ve ever done before.  Ok, actually, very different.  On the first two Sundays after Thanksgiving, we conducted a reverse offering, and gave every family in the church $100! But with this gift came this instruction: Use it to BLESS someone else… Continue reading Don’t Bury It!


Now, what do you say?

That’s a question every parent, and grandparent, has asked hundreds (if not thousands) of times.  And there’s two probable answers to the question, depending on the circumstance: please or thank you. With the days growing shorter and football season growing longer, we are getting closer to that most fundamental of American holidays: Thanksgiving.  It’s a… Continue reading Now, what do you say?

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If Only…

All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along. (Galatians 2:10)   We’ve probably all had the experience of not being able to see something that was right in front of us, whether it’s a set of keys, a screen door, or… Continue reading If Only…

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As if Your Life Depended On It!

“Franklin! Franklin! Slow down!” These were words that my Grandma said to my Grandpa when he was driving the car and I was sitting in the back seat. Grandma was into safety before safety was in.  She always required me to have my seat belt buckled, and we crossed the road looking both ways and… Continue reading As if Your Life Depended On It!

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You Do It!

They were out in the countryside with no restaurants nearby and 5000 hungry men, not to mention women and children.  When they reported this obvious fact to Jesus and advised him to send the people away to get dinner, Jesus said something shocking. “You give them something to eat.” And they did a quick check… Continue reading You Do It!

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Good News and Good Deeds

Free Gift! What do you think when you hear those words? I know the first thought that comes to my mind. “Ok … what do you want?” I’m suspicious that if I don’t have to spend money, then what I’ll have to spend is some of my time.   And when someone I don’t know… Continue reading Good News and Good Deeds

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Community with a Cause

Recently, I’ve read the book Our Kids, written by Harvard Professor Robert Putnam.  In it, he argues that there is a widening opportunity gap for today’s kids.  Children from homes with lower incomes are facing greater and greater challenges than ever before. Why? Among other reasons, they lack something Putnam calls “Social Capital.”  Plainly speaking,… Continue reading Community with a Cause


A Week of Holy Passion

Extreme. That’s a word that brings to mind such images as mountaintops, whitewater, deep snow with sub-zero cold and hot sand with blistering heat. I spent two hours this past (week?) just reading and reflecting on the events of Holy Week, and that’s the word that came to mind. Jesus entered Jerusalem to a cheering… Continue reading A Week of Holy Passion

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Seeking Jesus, Serving Others

In 1955, it was 1 million.  In 1963, 1 billion.  In 1976, 20 billion.  1984, 50 billion.  1996, 80 billion.  And on April 15, 1994, 100 billion hamburgers had been served by McDonald’s franchises all over the world.  After that, they stopped counting. That's a lot of hamburgers.  But as many and as much as… Continue reading Seeking Jesus, Serving Others

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Everyone’s Christmas Story

For me, undoubtedly one of the highlights of my Christmas memories for 2016 will be participation in our play, entitled, “Everyone’s Christmas Story.”  Plays are fun, and they are a lot of work! The more I take part in the rehearsals, though, the more fun it gets.  At first, I’m just scrambling to remember my… Continue reading Everyone’s Christmas Story