Sunday School

From September through mid-June, Sunday School classes are held each Sunday from 9:00-9:45 AM. Classes are available for ALL ages starting with children ages 3-High School. We even offer adult classes as well. See below for more information on specific curriculums and bible studies we are currently offering.



Preschool – 6th Grade uses the DIG IN curriculum which provides creative, multisensory teaching that immerses your kids in deep Bible learning, helping them to know Jesus personally and grow in relationship with him.

Digging Into the Life of Jesus Scope and Sequence 

Knowing, Not Knowing About



Grades 7-9 Confirmation is a two year class that uses the Evangelical Covenant Church curriculum called The Journey. Our desire is that through this class the students will:

  • Encounter Christ personally
  • Grow deeper in faith and understanding
  • Discuss spiritual and faith ideas with parents
  • Develop a pattern of personal devotions
  • Deepen relationships with the church, the pastor, and other Christians
  • Prepare for spiritual leadership


High School/Intergenerational: Currently in a 6-week study called, “A Hole in Our Gospel: What does God Expect of Us?” Is our faith just about going to church, studying the Bible and avoiding the most serious sins-or does God expect more? Click HERE for an introduction to the book from author Richard Stearns, president of World Vision.


Adult Sunday School: Currently studying through the book of Hebrews. No other book in the New Testament integrates the gospel with the Old Testament better than the book of Hebrews. The author of this epistle is relentless in his effort to reveal Christ as greater than the prophets, angels, Moses, and the Levitical priests. In fact, the author argues, all the ceremonies, sacrifices, and offices of the Old Testament foreshadow the person and work of Jesus Christ. In light of so great a salvation, Hebrews encourages us to run the race before us in faithfulness and perseverance. Click HERE for a fantastic introduction to the book of Hebrews by R.C. Sproul.